september 2014

7sep20:00- 01:00Maastricht - Bruuis Festival (NL)
12sep20:00- 01:00Alta - City Scene (NO)
13sep20:00- 01:00Hammerfest - Arktisk Kultursenter, Frityren (NO)
20sep20:00- 01:00Oslo - Herr Nilsen (NO)
30sep08:00- 11:00Hamburg - Kleiner Donner

oktober 2014

1okt08:00- 13:00Leipzig - Telegraph
2okt08:00- 01:00Berlin Independent Night - Berlin, DE
3okt08:00- 01:00Gouda - So What!
4okt08:00- 01:00Amsterdam - Melkweg
6okt08:00- 01:00Gent - Video
10okt20:00- 01:00Tromsø - Driv (NO)
22okt20:00- 01:00Berlevåg - Kvitbrakka (NO)
24okt20:00- 01:00Vadsø - Kooperativet (NO)
25okt20:00- 01:00Kirkenes (NO)

november 2014

14nov20:00- 01:00Trondheim - Familien (NO)
27nov21:00- 23:00Bodø - Sinus (NO)
29nov07:00- 01:00Petter Carlsen & The Lonely Drummer Orchestra - Explore The North Festival

desember 2014

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januar 2015

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februar 2015

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mars 2015

25mar07:30- 10:00Harstad Kulturhus - Harstad

april 2015

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mai 2015

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juni 2015

15jun09:00- 09:00Herr Nilsen - OSLO - Petter Carlsen feat. Vincent Cavanagh
17jun08:30- 08:30Maastricht - Muziekgieterij (feat. Vincent Cavanagh)
18jun08:30- 08:30Zwolle - Hedon (feat. Vincent Cavanagh)
19jun07:30- 07:30Zoetermeer - Boerderij (feat. Vincent Cavanagh)

juli 2015

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agust 2015

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Label: Function Records
Format: CD, Album
Country: Norway
Released: 19. september. 2014
Genre: Rock, Pop
Style: Alternative Rock, Pop Rock

Clocks Don’t Count

Label: Friskt Pust Records ‎– FP00210
Format: CD, Album
Country: Norway
Released: 31 Jan 2011
Genre: Rock, Pop
Style: Alternative Rock, Pop Rock

You Go Bird

Label: EMI Music Norway AS ‎
Format: CD, Album
Country: Norway
Released: 2009
Genre: Rock, Pop
Style: Alternative Rock, Pop Rock

The Sound Of You And Me

Label: EMI Music Norway AS
Format: CD, Promo, EP
Country: Norway
Released: 2009
Genre: Rock, Pop
Style: Alternative Rock

A Taste Of What’s To Come

Label: Friskt Pust Records
Format: CD, EP
Country: Norway
Released: 2006
Genre: Rock, Pop, Folk, World, & Country


‘Sirens is a really lovely album. I enjoyed it a lot. «You Could Be The One» is a classic!’Steven Wilson

The new album Sirens will be out 19.09.2014

From Alta, far up north in Norway, Petter Carlsen continues to make his beautifully personal and atmospheric music, reflecting the cold, dark and wild surroundings of the north. His debut album ‘You Go Bird’ was released in 2009 and turned Norwegians «all ears» to the singer/songwriter. His second album ‘Clocks Don’t Count’ was out in 2011 and later (2012) in Europe through UK indie label Function Records. It was awarded with great reviews all over Europe.

After earning fans all over the world with both albums guesting UK band Anathema, Danish artist Tim Christensen and clubs and festivals in Europe, Petter Carlsen is gaining ground as an artist.

In late 2013 Petter recorded his third album ‘Sirens’, produced by Wetle Holte (Eivind Aarset, Anja Garbarek) and mixed by Christer A. Cederberg (Anathema). It  will be released 19.09.2014. ‘Sirens’ reveals a change of course, contaning more rythmical -and electronic elements, but still it is the strong signature of Petter’s voice that captivates the listener. Beautifully atmospheric, his music has been identified by Anathema (UK) as something very special.

Indeed, Danny Cavanagh states that ”once I heard Petter Carlsen’s incredible voice and beautiful songwriting, as well as his warm personality, I always felt that he would be connected to and part of the inner circle of Anathema for a long time to come. Quite apart from being a great friend, he is the most talented musician I have ever met in my life.»