Petter was born in Alta in December 1979. His debut »You Go Bird« was released in 2009, followed by »Clocks Don’t Count« in 2011, and »Sirens« in 2014. After a whole lot of touring around Europe in general, and France, the Netherlands and Germany in particular, Carlsen has expanded his watershed.

He has toured/and tours together with Pil & Bue (NO) Anathema (UK), Long Distance Calling (GER), Tim Christensen (DK), Steven Wilson’s Blackfield (UK) and Unni Wilhelmsen (NO)

Quotes from the press on »Sirens«:

»One of the most outstanding songwriting talents from Scandinavia.«

– Piranha (GER)


»Sirens is a really lovely album. I enjoyed it a lot. You Could Be The One is a classic«

– Steven Wilson, Porcupine Tree


»A highlight is Tiger, made from a faltering hip-hop beat and a dark chord change: as if Radiohead, Sigur Ros and Neil Finn have written a song.«

– German Rolling Stone


»Carlsen released his best album so far, which will bring him far beyond the borders of Skandinavia«

– 2 meter sessies (NL)


»A stunning album from start to finish which deserves the attention from a big crowd«