Petter was born in Alta in December 1979. His debut »You Go Bird« was released in 2009, followed by »Clocks Don’t Count« in 2011, »Sirens« in 2014 and in 2017 he released «Glimt». On February 16th 2018 followed: «Glimt av Glimt (live med Ensemble Noor), a live EP recorded in the Northern Lights Cathedral in Petter’s hometown Alta. After a whole lot of touring around Europe in general, and France, the Netherlands and Germany in particular, Carlsen has expanded his watershed.

He has toured/and tours together with Pil & Bue (NO) Anathema (UK), Long Distance Calling (GER), Tim Christensen (DK), Steven Wilson’s Blackfield (UK) and Unni Wilhelmsen (NO)

Quotes from the press on »Glimt«:

»The Norwegian lyrics, Petter Carlsens rustic voice and the pop folk melodies make this record a pop triumph. A beautiful serene triumph.«

– Hannah Fahy, Nothing But Hope and Passion (UK) 


»Extraordinary, fascinating pop music with Scandinavian flair.«

– Guitar (GER)

Quotes from the press on »Sirens«:

»Sirens is a really lovely album. I enjoyed it a lot. You Could Be The One is a classic.«

– Steven Wilson, Porcupine Tree


»A highlight is Tiger, made from a faltering hip-hop beat and a dark chord change: as if Radiohead, Sigur Ros and Neil Finn have written a song.«

– German Rolling Stone


»Carlsen released his best album so far, which will bring him far beyond the borders of Skandinavia«

– 2 meter sessies (NL)